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Banks & Lloyd (shipping) ltd was approved by HMRC in 2009 as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).

What does this really mean?

AEO status is the EC's response to the need to secure international supply chains and the introduction of customs-trade partnership against terrorism in the USA (C-TPAT), and the development of the safe framework of standards in the World Customs Organisation (WCO). AEO provides business with an internationally recognised quality mark indicating that their role in the international supply chain is secure, and their customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant.

It is recognised that an AEO status operator, as well as being reliable in traditional financial and customs terms, is also compliant in respect of security and safety standards and can be considered as a secure trader and reliable trading partner. Banks & Lloyd (Shipping) Ltd achieved all 3 levels of accreditation: –
- Security
- Safety
- Customs simplifications

These 3 levels of accreditation offer increased benefit from facilitation of customs controls for both imports and exports including:

A greater integration into customs risk management systems used to determine frequency of customs checks. Fewer physical and document inspections/examinations. Priority given over non AEO for cargo selected for inspection/examination. Streamlined declarations for pre-arrival/pre-departure shipments. Recognised status throughout the EC and globally as safe, secure and compliant business partners in international trade. Mutual recognition across EC member states and with the us customs – trade partnership against terrorism.

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